Breach of Contract

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A typical civil litigation matter often stems from a breach of contract. Debt collection lawsuits arise when a contract for a debt has been broken by lack of payment. There can also be breach of contract for services, or other agreements between parties.

Because a breach of contract litigation can be challenging and complex, you need a law firm that is aggressive and knowledgeable regarding the requirements of the legal process. The skilled attorneys at Bellah Perez are committed to helping clients enforce their contractual rights and will carefully evaluate your case to determine whether there was an actual contract in existence and whether there has been a breach of that contract.

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Our civil litigation attorneys have knowledge in a wide-variety of civil litigation legal matters, but they work extensively in the following areas:

If you find yourself involved in a civil litigation matter, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant, the litigation attorneys at Bellah Perez can answer your questions and provide competent representation to help you get the result you desire.

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