Adoption and Juvenile Law

It’s No Surprise…Kids are Expensive

March 11th, 2012|Adoption and Juvenile Law|

I do not have any kids myself, but I am continuously surprised at just how expensive it is today to raise children.  For example, I recently went to Disneyland for one day.  Not only were the tickets about $80.00 each, but all the food and drinks inside the park were extremely expensive too.  It is [...]

Father Knows Best

January 29th, 2012|Adoption and Juvenile Law|

Many of you may remember a news story from the 1990's about the "Baby Jessica Adoption Case." For those of you who do not, or who may have been just a baby yourselves, the "Baby Jessica case" involved an adoption that went very wrong. A young unwed woman in Iowa decided to give up her [...]