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Is a Burrito a Sandwich?: Why Legal Definitions Matter

May 16th, 2019|Auto Accident, Other|

What constitutes a sandwich? The answer seems simple — some kind of filling between bread. But with that wording, does a hot dog qualify? A Pop-Tart? Even more controversial, how about a burrito? The latter has actually been debated in court. In 2006, a Massachusetts Superior Court declared the burrito not a sandwich, after Panera [...]

What if I’m injured in an accident out of state?

August 21st, 2017|Auto Accident, Personal Injury|

Imagine you’re escaping the Arizona heat and headed north to Alaska. You’ll get more rays, sure, but it’ll be the midnight sun, closer to the top of the world. You’re looking forward to crisp evenings and majestic glaciers, leaving the desert behind. Then imagine you’re taking a late night drive and bam— you’re hit by [...]