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Learning from the Hacienda Case: Signs of Abuse Against Vulnerable Adults

February 12th, 2019|Personal Injury|

Arizona became an unfortunate focus of national attention in January following the news of an incapacitated woman’s sexual assault and subsequent pregnancy at the Hacienda Healthcare facility. A nurse has been arrested and charged for the assault, while two doctors have left the facility. Police are still investigating Hacienda Healthcare for signs of abuse against [...]

Proving Personal Injury? There’s an App for That

August 23rd, 2018|Personal Injury|

Anyone who’s seen film noir classic Double Indemnity knows insurance investigators are sharp. A Danish woman recently found this out the hard way. Since 2008, she’d been receiving yearly $30,000 payments from her insurance company for a whiplash injury, until it was revealed her claims were fraudulent. Her use of a fitness app proved her [...]

Is There Such a Thing as a Pet Personal Injury Case?

July 31st, 2018|Personal Injury|

Most personal injury cases deal with damage done to human life and property. If someone’s negligence caused you injury, that person can be held accountable for medical and insurance bills, and compensation for pain and suffering. If their recklessness also caused damage to or loss of property, they must pay for repairs or replacements, and [...]

Exploding E-Cigarettes and Victim Blaming

July 17th, 2018|Personal Injury|

In February, an Arizona woman got into her truck and was leaving work when something that “looked like fireworks started to explode in [her] lap,” as she told AZ Family. Melissa Madsen’s e-cigarette had malfunctioned and exploded. To escape the flames, she jumped out of her moving vehicle. The ordeal ended with her own truck [...]

Multi-Party Lawsuits: How Do I Sue More Than One Person?

September 7th, 2017|Personal Injury|

In the most simplified personal injury cases, one person, the plaintiff, sues one other person, the defendant. However, there are many scenarios in which more than one person or even several corporate entities might be liable. These multi-party lawsuits ensure that everyone responsible for an injury or death is held accountable, but naturally they’re more [...]

What if I’m injured in an accident out of state?

August 21st, 2017|Auto Accident, Personal Injury|

Imagine you’re escaping the Arizona heat and headed north to Alaska. You’ll get more rays, sure, but it’ll be the midnight sun, closer to the top of the world. You’re looking forward to crisp evenings and majestic glaciers, leaving the desert behind. Then imagine you’re taking a late night drive and bam— you’re hit by [...]

Invisible Injuries: Fender Benders and Proving Pain

July 31st, 2017|Personal Injury|

In 2011, data released by the car insurance industry revealed that the average person will be in an auto accident about once every 17.9 years. It’s not a question of if you’ll be in a car accident, but when. The only real question is how severe the accident will be. The good news is you’re [...]