Child Support

Child support, spousal maintenance, custody of children, parenting time and visitation rights are some of the most commonly contested issues in a domestic relations matter. Getting a divorce or a legal separation is a difficult path paved with many obstacles. It becomes even more sensitive and complex when children are involved. Every child has the right to be financially supported by both parents if at all possible, and the effects of an inaccurate child support order can be financially devastating.

Child support, and the enforcement of money owed for child support, is simply an issue that parents cannot afford to get wrong. Our family law attorneys will work with you to ensure that all of the information presented by both parties is accurate and will work diligently to assure that the child support is fair for both parents.

Modification of Child Support & Custody

After all the decisions about child support have been made and a divorce or legal separation is finalized, events can still occur that require that terms of custody and support be modified. Because this is such a complicated road to travel, it is important that you have an experienced and competent family law attorney by your side.

The court allows either party of a custody or child support matter to modify their current order based upon a significant change in circumstances. This may be a change in income or employment for either parent or a change regarding a party’s ability to parent. It is important that a parent review their child support or parenting time and legal decision making order every year to determine if there have been any changes that necessitate a modification. This also allows parents the opportunity to “fix” issues that weren’t properly addressed at trial or in prior orders.

Providing Compassionate Guidance

Discussing child support and modification issues with the skilled and compassionate family law attorneys at Bellah Perez can help you determine the steps needed to provide the best possible outcome. Our attorneys are passionately defensive of a parent’s rights and will work diligently to assure that the child support is fair for both parents.

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