Buying, Selling, and Conveying Real Estate


If you are looking to buy or sell property, or convey property by deed in any other manner, the real estate lawyers at Bellah Perez are able to draft the appropriate documents to make the transfer complete. Our attorneys are also available to assist in any boundary disputes that may arise during a or transfer of real estate, or that otherwise exist between you and your neighbors. The law office of Bellah Perez serves real estate clients in Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona.

Deeds for Conveying Property

In Arizona, if you would like to transfer real estate, you can use one of several mechanisms. Each type of deed must be written with specific language to properly convey the property. Once the deed is drafted, it must be recorded with the correct county recorder’s office.

  • General Warranty Deed – A warranty deed provides the greatest protection to the purchaser, or transferee, of property. This is because a general warranty deed provides a guarantee that the transferor is transferring the title free and clear; that the transferor has the right to transfer the property; and that the transferor promises to defend the transferee against any third party claims.
  • Special Warranty Deed – A special warranty deed provides a more limited protection to the transferee of property. The transferor warrants only that title is free and clear (except for certain noted encumbrances) and that he/she will defend against certain title claims.
  • Quit Claim Deed – Executing a quit claim deed is a quick and easy way to transfer property as the transferor does not have to provide any warranties to the transferee.

Providing Diligent Representation

The experienced real estate lawyers at Bellah Perez will provide straightforward, thoughtful advice, and diligent legal representation for your real estate conveyance needs. Contact our office to speak with one of our experienced real estate attorneys today.

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