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Civil Litigation

A civil litigation action typically involves one private party filing a lawsuit against another private party. However, a civil litigation action can also involve a lawsuit with a public entity or the government. When a civil lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff (the individual filing the lawsuit) asks the court for a monetary judgment. Civil lawsuits can arise from a variety of occurrences. Although the term “litigation” implies that the matter will go to trial, not all lawsuits make it all the way to trial. Most cases can be settled out of court.

Our Civil Litigation Practice

The civil litigation attorneys at Bellah Perez have litigated, arbitrated, and mediated a wide range of civil disputes. We will carefully evaluate your civil case and determine the best strategy. At times, a settlement can be the most cost effective solution.

Our civil litigation attorneys have knowledge in a wide-variety of civil litigation legal matters, but they work extensively in the following areas:

If you find yourself involved in a civil litigation matter, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant, the litigation attorneys at Bellah Perez can answer your questions and provide competent representation to help you get the result you desire.

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