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Nutella Wars: When Sales Get Ugly

In this crazy world, one thing most people can agree on is that Nutella is amazing. But love for the chocolate hazelnut spread recently got out of hand when a French grocery chain discounted the price 70%. The sale caused near rioting by customers, prompting police to respond to reports of patrons shoving, bullying, and even pulling hair in their mad dash for cheap Nutella. Now the French finance ministry will investigate whether the steep discount was in breach of trading laws. But what about the injured victims?

Not even Nutella is an excuse for brawling, and fights that break out over sales can be grounds for personal injury lawsuits. Black Friday is particularly infamous for fights, stampedes, and parking lot skirmishes — 2017 alone saw a shooting in Missouri, a brawl in an Alabama mall, and a fight over a toy car at a Wal-Mart. 

However, full-blown riots and fistfights aren’t necessary for a personal injury claim. Other hazards common at deep discount sales include auto accidents in parking lots, injuries resulting from store displays, and slip and fall cases. Many of these fall under premises liability, meaning the property owner is liable for incidents if negligence can be proven. Negligence could include poor shelving and storage, weather-related maintenance issues and defective machinery like malfunctioning doors or escalators. 

These may seem like extreme examples, but injuries caused by recklessness or negligence shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whiplash from a fender bender in a Black Friday parking lot can result in medical, chiropractic, and insurance bills. A slip and fall due to a combination of ice and rowdy customers waiting in line for deals can cause broken bones. And a maze-like set-up in a discount bridal boutique with poor signage can encourage dangerous collisions between frantic brides only hoping to get their dream dress.

Personal injury and premises liability lawyers, such as those at Bellah Perez, PLLC, can help you deal with the aftermath of shopping pandemonium. Whether it’s a designer wedding gown, the perfect Christmas gift, or just a few jars of delicious Nutella, no sale is worth suffering an injury!  Contact us at 602-252-9937.

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