Paternity Actions

Paternity refers to the legal determination of fatherhood. From child support arrangements to child visitation agreements, there are a number of matters that need to be taken into consideration. Establishing paternity is complex and can also be important in matters of adoption, medical history, veterans benefits and inheritance rights. Most importantly, the well-being of the child needs to be top priority. Children have a right to a relationship and benefits from both parents.

Matters involving paternity are often sensitive and emotionally charged, even when there isn’t a custody dispute. The paternity and family law attorneys at Bellah Perez are ready to assist both mothers and fathers with this sensitive issue. Whether you need help establishing paternity or want to protect your rights against false allegations, we are here for you.

Establishing Father’s Rights

The law firm of Bellah Perez understands that many fathers desire and crave to be a part of their children’s lives. That is why we aggressively help fathers in paternity actions establish their rights.

As the state of Arizona, at this time, does not grant custody rights to fathers when a child is born outside of a marriage, it is imperative that a paternity action be initiated at the appropriate time. The timing should be based upon the parties’ best interests, which at times can be adversarial. For fathers, it’s important to have their rights set up immediately. Beginning parenting time and attempting to co-parent with the mother of their children is important. Determining a proper support obligation before state involvement can be critical to obtaining a fair support order without accruing arrearages.

Providing Compassionate Guidance

As a paternity action can be initiated during the mother’s pregnancy, it is important to speak with a family law attorney regarding your specific situation before the child’s birth or immediately after. The lawyers at Bellah Perez will handle each case in a sensitive manner and provide compassionate guidance and diligent legal representation to protect your rights.

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