The Story of Brandon Nolcox – Traumatic Brain Injury Client

Bellah Perez, PLLC takes pride in its representation of clients and its’ continued work with personal injury victims affected with Traumatic Brain Injuries.

I went to Cristina Perez Hesano to assist me with a homeowner’s fees matter and her because of her bankruptcy experience. I very much appreciated Cristina’s professional manner of keeping me updated and handling my issue with the HOA’s lawyer. Cristina kept the ball rolling on the other side and we were able to reach a satisfactory resolution in a short period of time. If needed, I would seek her advice in the future and absolutely recommend her as an excellent lawyer. – Lauren

I came to know of Mrs. Cristina Perez’s practice through a close friend. They had gone through their bankruptcy with Mrs. Perez representing them. They assured me I would have no worries and everything would be handled legally, ethically and in a respectable manner.

With that said, in May of 2013, I met with Cristina and her team, handed my deposit over for retention of her services along with all my worries and stress regarding creditors, harassing calls, demand letters, etc. The decision for me to file bankruptcy was not easy. I felt as though I failed myself and my family, however, Cristina not only recognized my emotions but showed empathy and compassion for me. Throughout the case, there were moments when I was beyond stressed and Cristina quickly recognized this and again had compassion and relieved my stress. Never once did I feel I was asking too many questions or couldn’t ask a question or was made to feel “stupid.” Cristina was always reachable via email, phone, and text. On a consistent basis, I received updates on my case and thorough responses to my concerns.

Prior to retaining Cristina’s services, I had heard horror stories of lawyers not appearing at court dates and their cases never being closed and/or finalized. I again expressed these concerns to Cristina and her team. They (Cristina and her team) assured me that Cristina would be at my court dates. And sure enough! Cristina was there! She met me earlier than the court time scheduled, went through what to expect and again recognized and addressed my fears.

The trustee assigned to my bankruptcy was extremely thorough and had a multitude of requests for me to provide documentation, further explanations and/or answer clarifying questions. Cristina worked through each and every one of the requests with me going above and beyond her contracted amount I originally paid her. Never once did Cristina give me less than 110% effort on my case.

Furthermore, if you are seeking a bankruptcy lawyer that is thorough, an expertise in law, believes in humanity, ethical, and works hard for you then stop looking because Cristina Perez possesses all of those qualities and a whole lot more!

As I write this review, I am happy to say, my bankruptcy has been discharged and finalized! And I can not thank Cristina Perez enough for all of her work and time! – Ms. C

We are jumping for joy (somehow I missed your note yesterday) and shedding tears!!! You have been a constant source of support and knowledge through the past four difficult years. You always responded quickly to every question! We give you the highest praise. If there is anything I can do to let other clients or others know how much we have appreciated your service please let me know.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! – K & D

Wife and I recently found ourselves in a difficult time in our life, Lawyer Perez and her law firm Bellah Perez helped out by providing professional, yet knowledgeable answers to all of our questions. No matter the situation we had in our case, they were always there to help. She takes the time to ensure everything goes well on your case. Best of all, response time and accuracy from both Lawyer Perez and her assistant Sophia Gonzalez is what made us feel satisfied. She laid out a plan for us and was executed way beyond our expectations. Thank you for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated. – Sergio & Jeshenia

Cristina and her paralegal Sofia guided us thru the stressful process of a bankruptcy. We were facing garnishments from a auto loan. Cristina educated us on what to expect if we chose to file. We never felt pressured into choosing her as our attorney. – Mark & Jan

I hired a Family Law attorney for my divorce and custody of my son almost 2 years ago which cost $13,000.00 and I lost. I hired Jared at Bellah and he was understanding and the passion he has for what he does is obvious. He was responsive and most importantly knows what he is doing. I would HIGHLY recommend him in the future. He has already made a difference in me and my children’s life. He is realistic and didn’t promise the world, he listened to my concerns and addressed them. He was able to reinstate visitation with my son for me. Now I am going to hire him to help me get joint custody and believe he is the best lawyer to do so. – Monica

I have retained Mr. Sandler on two separate occasions. I was greatly impressed and satisfied with the legal advice, honesty and the results of my case due to Mr. Sandler’s efforts. Mr. Sandler’s personal demeanor put me at ease while I was going through a very intense and lengthy litigation. I would most definitely retain Mr. Sandler for a third time. I would highly recommend Mr. Sandler to service your legal needs. – Family Client

Mr. Jeff Wolfe was amazing. He was very straightforward from the beginning. Mr. Wolfe made a very uncomfortable, and stressful situation into a comfortable and easy going process. From the beginning, Mr. Wolfe was trustworthy and knowledgeable. If there was something that he was unsure if he researched the situation and responded in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone in need. Thank you Mr. Wolfe! – William

Mr. Wolfe is absolutely the best attorney we could have hoped for. He answered emails and returned phone calls promptly whenever we had questions. He gave us very honest answers and actually made us feel comfortable during the difficult decision and process of filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Jeffrey Wolfe is an “ABOVE AND BEYOND” attorney who continued to help even after our business was complete. A truly unique and gifted lawyer! Thanks again Jeff. – Paul

Steve was the lawyer that prepared our trust and related documents. He did a great job of going over all of the documents and answered all of our questions. He was very knowledgeable and prepared all of the trust documents in a timely manner. We would recommend Steve for legal assistance regarding trusts, wills, and power of attorney. – Roger

Steven was amazing! He explained everything and answered all of our questions. He spent a ton of time with us, we didn’t feel rushed at all. He was very friendly and prompt! The paperwork he prepared for us was extremely well priced. We were very happy with his work and we will hire him again. We will also recommend him to our close friends and family. – Wills Client

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Deb Seay Marshall
Deb Seay M.
14:27 05 Nov 19
I interviewed about 9 other firms and was recommended by an employee of Oswalt Group to speak with Cristina Perez. We were not disappointed. The first thing I noticed, Christian music in the lobby. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and we met with Cristina Perez, on the first meeting. We didn't have to work through a "sales" person. Sophia Gonzales is also an asset to this group. If you need any legal advice or direction, chose this firm, you will not be disappointed!!!
Ashley Hupcik
Ashley H.
15:16 22 Sep 19
Jeff Wolfe was my Lawyer. He was very professional yet friendly. He answered all my questions and was able to get my case seen right away. It was a quick process. Cindy was very helpful and always was quick to reply when I had a question. I am very happy with my experience. I would definitely recommend them.
Donnie Martinez
Donnie M.
13:38 11 Sep 19
LouAnne Adams
LouAnne A.
20:55 05 Sep 19
Jennifer C. recommended we schedule a consultation with Steve J. to discuss Trust options. Steve J. was very knowledgeable, informative, and professional. I would recommend his services to anyone needing an experienced guide and advisor in this specialized legal arena.LouAnne Adams
Karen Bassett
Karen B.
13:49 30 Aug 19
The office is a very comfortable office. The minute you enter, someone at the desk, welcomes you and asks how they can help you! And, if you would like water or coffee! Very friendly office, the first time. We did have an appointment and only had to wait a few minutes. I would highly recommend BellahPerez.! I was very happy with the work I had done. So glad I had been recommended to them!’
James Grady Gaston II
James Grady Gaston I.
21:37 28 Aug 19
I highly recommend Jeffery Wolfe, Atty. and the very professional legal support of Cindy Christian. They both have been very responsive over time resolving my legal issue. I would use the firm if required in the future.
Heidi Stensrud
Heidi S.
02:03 22 Aug 19
Jonathan Rojas
Jonathan R.
19:52 20 Aug 19
Cristina and Kim were absolutely incredible with our case. From the hospitality they brought across to us all the way to keeping us informed in every step of the process. Thank you and your firm so much for putting your customers first in every step of the way.
Fouad Mirzahafa
Fouad M.
01:12 17 Aug 19
Very helpful and caring professionals. Jennifer Hassett is phenomenal, caring and informative. Great to work with this group.
karina fox
karina F.
18:01 15 Aug 19
I can't thank Bellah Perez Firm enough, especially Shasta Nolte, who was my attorney for my difficult case.Originally I started all my paper work with a paralegal, thinking that I will not need an attorney for my divorce. Unfortunately, things got really ugly very quick, and my husband at the time got an attorney, putting me in a difficult situation that force me to find my own attorney. After consulting with a few attorneys I finally found Shasta, on my first consultation after talking to her for just about 10 min or so, she made me feel very comfortable with her knowledge and experience on cases like mine. She was very informative and patient to explain to me in regular English (no legal vocabulary) all the processes that go through. I also notice that she was very sympathetic with my feelings. So that’s when I decided that she will be the person representing me in court.Shasta and her team were there for me at all times, they were all knowledgeable, responsible, professional and best of all sensitive to my feelings." after court one day I was a mess Shasta was there and gave me a hug and told me everything will be ok" The process of the case was one of the hardest things I ever experience, but thanks to the team I was able to focus on what was the best for my daughter and me. Divorce can be very hard and overwhelming, like a rollercoaster of feelings and confusion. No one gets married thinking their Marriage will end up in a divorce. That’s why finding a good attorney – one that you can trust to represent you and who cares - makes the whole process to go a lot smoother. I highly recommend Shasta and her team!Thank you so much Shasta !read more
Dawn Mullen
Dawn M.
15:41 15 Aug 19
Professional, efficient and friendly helpful staff.All questions answered big and small.Thank You
Michael Kelley
Michael K.
20:22 14 Aug 19
I had the pleasure of meeting with Richard to discuss a landlord/tenant dispute. He was very compassionate and thoroughly explained my options. I left the office with a sincere peace of mind in my next steps moving forward. I highly recommend this law firm for your needs. They truly care and it shows in their service. Thanks for being there for me
Sarelda Marshall
Sarelda M.
03:10 14 Aug 19
I have had many dealings Richard Bellah, he is honest and fair. Great attorney!!!
Sunshine Tinker
Sunshine T.
14:53 10 Aug 19
I can't begin to expres my gratitude and thanks to the Bellah Perez Team! They have been by my side since day one. Open communication keeping me in tune step by step. If I don't understand something Jennifer L. Hassett always found a way to reassure me and explain. My family has entrusted Bellah Perez law for many different Occasion's the outcome has always been beyond satisfactory. They go above and beyond to ensure their clients. I highly recommend Bellah Perez to anyone. Shasta Nolte and Jennifer L. Hassett are truly amazing. Thank you more
Kathy Britton
Kathy B.
00:26 10 Aug 19
From beginning to end of our bankruptcy Bellah Perez PLLC was straight forward and professional. It's not an easy process and can have an enormous amount of emotional baggage. They made it comfortable.
Trish Mucklow
Trish M.
18:46 09 Aug 19
Bellah Perez is an excellent law firm! They helped us with our estate planning including a special needs trust provision for our disabled daughter. Their entire staff is competent and professional. Thank you, Richard Bellah, Steven Janssen, and Stephen Green! You have really helped us knowing that our daughter will be taken care of when we are gone.
Maria Dorame
Maria D.
19:04 07 Aug 19
I write this not only on my behalf but also from the Serna Family whom you have assisted with legal cases. We are grateful for your wisdom, understanding and the outstanding work performed during our cases. We pray you will continue to strive professionally in all your endeavors. We trust as we have gotten to know each other, that through your sincerity and kindness, brighter things are still ahead for you Mr. Richard Bellah.Once again our utmost thanks for your support and willingness to give to Serna's House of Hope. Through your generous donations many families living in poverty in Sonoyta, Sonora are fed a home cooked meal on the weekends, in December, 2018 you donated towards food boxes for the elderly-the widows-families living in poor conditions, you gave to Vacation Bible School feeding 300+ children in July, 2019 and so much more. Thank you!read more
Bo oum
Bo O.
18:24 07 Aug 19
I am very pleased to write this review about Bellah Perez. My experience with them handling my bankruptcy case was done with great respect for me . Mr. Jeffrey Wolfe and Cindy Christian are very capable of handling my case and get it through all the way to the end, representing me in every step of the process. Everything is laid out in detail so I can understand what is going to happen and I could not be more pleased with their process. Very Professional!Could not be happier with the attention given to me and the way they go about their business. Very highly recommend Bellah Perez to everyone! Awesome job👍.read more
David Chavez
David C.
18:21 07 Aug 19
Jeff and Cindy are very helpful through the entire process. Every time I called for something they were always available. You can’t get better than that! Thanks guys
Ronald Kaiser
Ronald K.
17:05 02 Aug 19
Richard has been our attorney since he first started his practice in both for personal and business matters. He is quick to understand our needs and is always able to walk us through to a conclusion. When we send family and friends to him, Richard is always sensitive to their needs. We appreciate him when he offers up a prayer for us, he knows how to petition Jesus.
Colette Sorrell
Colette S.
01:03 02 Aug 19
Jennifer Hassett and Shasta Nolte were able to bring forth a positive outcome and negotiate a settlement with my ex for reimbursement of our childrens shared expenses that I had unsuccessfully been trying to get paid for years. My ex, being an attorney himself, used the system to keep my petition buried in court through extensions and frivolous motions and counter petitions. I was ready to walk away with nothing after he retained another big bully law firm to turn up the harassment. (I was pro per) Jennifer and Shasta came along, recognized the harassment and agreed to help me They put a stop to their harassment and bullying tactics and brought to a close something I had all but given up on. I will forever be thankful and grateful to these super ladies! They CARED!read more
Juan Montoya
Juan M.
19:57 27 Jul 19
Jeff and Cindy were always available to answer any of my questions. They both made the process very easy and are very professional. I'll definitely recommend them to anyone.
Guy Sasso
Guy S.
18:49 25 Jul 19
I can't say enough good things about the law firm of Bella Perez. I went through a very, very difficult divorce. Not only did Richard Bellah and his team provide exceptional legal counsel and great communication. They also where extremely patient, kind and understanding to myself and my children. As we maneuvered through this tough time. Because of this experience. I have used Richard Bellah and his team, regarding other business and personal matters. If you're in need of good legal counsel, sound advice and an amazing staff. Call Bellah Perez! You will not be more
TaQuan Carter
TaQuan C.
14:35 25 Jul 19
Highly professional and courteous.
Ken Riggin
Ken R.
07:19 24 Jul 19
Steve Green was very professional. I have a CDL And is very important for me not to have a ticket on my record. He was very thorough and It is not on my record.
Chris Stull
Chris S.
20:52 23 Jul 19
Richard Bellah handled our family's legal needs with great skill and care. A foreign adoption is not easy; the firm of Bellah Perez PLLC were trusted with every detail and we couldn't have been more pleased. So grateful for them.
Michael Murphy
Michael M.
17:51 23 Jul 19
I was actually referred to the firm through my old work, and I’m so glad I was. That were on top of everything, even if I wasn’t. I just finished my first case and they were successful and I’m working on another one now. I’ll refer anyone to this firm!
Clara Amaya
Clara A.
23:09 22 Jul 19
Jared Sandler and Jennifer Hassett did an excellent job on my contested divorce. It was a tough case that the respondent dragged for almost two years. Mr. Sandler is a great lawyer, but he left the firm at the very end, and Jennifer made a very smooth transition to the new lawyer, Shasta Nolte, who was also very competent. Jennifer worked very hard, was very supportive, and made sure I had a fare outcome. Patricia Mateus
Michael McClymont
Michael M.
19:00 22 Jul 19
I am very pleased to write this review about Bellah Perez. My experience with them handling my brother's bankruptcy was done with great respect for my brothers well being. Mr. Wolfe and his very capable staff took his case and saw it through all the way to the end, representing my brother in every step of the process. Not once did we have to call and wonder what the status was, or if they were doing anything. Everything is laid out in detail so you can understand what is going to happen and we could not be more pleased with their process. Professional!Could not be happier with the attention given to him and the way they go about their business. Very highly recommend Bellah Perez to everyone! Job(s) well done!read more
18:59 22 Jul 19
I am very pleased to write this review about Bellah Perez. My experience with them handling my brothers bankruptcy was done with great respect for my brothers well being. Mr. Wolfe and his very capable staff took his case and saw it through all the way to the end, representing my brother in every step of the process. Not once did we have to call and wonder what the status was, or if they were doing anything. Everything is laid out in detail so you can understand what is going to happen and we could not be more pleased with their process. Professional!Could not be happier with the attention given to him and the way they go about their business. Very highly recommend Bellah Perez to everyone! Job(s) well done!read more
Richard Bellah
Richard B.
16:23 22 Jul 19
This review may seem self serving, but it's not. Cristina Perez is the best partner anyone could ever have. She's also one of the best lawyers in Arizona. Her clients love her. She receives award after award for her legal skills and services. I couldn't speak more highly of her.
Crystal Morales
Crystal M.
16:23 20 Jul 19
Cristina Perez is handling our bankruptcy case, she answered all of our questions. We walked in feeling uneasy about the whole thing and walked out with peace of mind. Would highly recommend her services.
Randall Bellah
Randall B.
15:15 20 Jul 19
Richard was responsible for the administration of our Mother’s estate including her will and trust. He’s also taken care of some of my own personal matters throughout the years and could not have been more professional. I would not hesitate to highly recommend his services for whatever the legal matter might be.
carolyn conklin
carolyn C.
04:12 20 Jul 19
Richard Bellah, has been my attorney for years. Through the time that I have known Richard, I have found him to be thorough and dedicated . He has worked tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome for me, regardless of the situations I have presented him with. I would and have highly recommend Richard, to my family and friends.
Janeth Gutierrez
Janeth G.
01:41 20 Jul 19
Great communication and great service! Staff is friendly and helpful.
Brad Asolas
Brad A.
00:51 20 Jul 19
Richard Bellah and his team did a great job and settled my case quickly. They were able to get a maximum settlement for me.
jared sandler
jared S.
23:08 19 Jul 19
Richard Bellah is the best!
eva anau
eva A.
23:02 19 Jul 19
Cristina has been a blessing in so many ways. She has handled two different cases for me and has been so responsive in every communication. Her care that she shows is very obvious and much appreciated. Highly recommend her to all!
Josh Waitz
Josh W.
22:44 19 Jul 19
Bellah Perez is a very versatile law firm covering many legal needs. But most importantly, everyone I have interacted with at this law firm is kind, patient and thorough. Thanks for the great help.
Mom H
Mom H
22:01 19 Jul 19
21:42 19 Jul 19
They did an excellent job for us. I can say without hesitation that we would highly recommend them. We had a difficult situation which they handled very well for us
Jeff Blake
Jeff B.
20:30 19 Jul 19
Lisa Blake
Lisa B.
20:27 19 Jul 19
I have worked with Richard Bellah through our church and through the Christian school I serve! On each occasion Richard has provided us exceptional direction. I completely trust Richard and his judgment.Jeff BlakePhoenix Christian Preparatory School
Ken Lamb
Ken L.
20:18 19 Jul 19
Abigail Hartshorn
Abigail H.
18:42 19 Jul 19
I can’t say enough good about Tammy and her assistance and how much it helped me, along with all of the work of the PI team. Extremely happy with my experience at Bellah Perez. Thank you!
Belinda Bernal
Belinda B.
16:16 19 Jul 19
Friendly staff and Great service!
Mark Arrigo
Mark A.
21:39 18 Jul 19
We have worked with Bellah Perez for many years. We chose them because they have many great referrals as well as Richard was a key member of the team that put together the Arizona Right to Life legislation. We did our estate planning with Richard and he did a fantastic job of making our will and trust simple and effective. Then when I was seriously injured by a store's negligence Cristina did fantastic work. She got all my medical costs covered with pain and suffering as well as recovering all my lost wages from about five months off work and two surgeries for a broken leg. Bellah Perez gets my highest recommendation for fantastic legal service no matter what your more
Jill Stein
Jill S.
20:51 17 Jul 19
Shasta Nolte and Jen Hassett have both been incredible to work with! I have been the most impressed with their ability to sift through all of the “white noise” of a highly complex and and litigious Custody Case and truly focus on the real needs of our family. I would HIGHLY recommend Bellah Perez to anyone looking for hire a team of experienced and compassionate legal experts.
Christopher Ferreira
Christopher F.
04:14 17 Jul 19
I would like to Thank, Richard Bellah and the team at Bellah Perez. They have helped me and my family through a tough time. In March I lost my father Ruben Ferreira. With this said, the team at Bellah Perez has handled his trust and probate very effectively and efficiently. Dealing with the loss of my father has been less stressful knowing the team at Bellah Perez is helping me handle his final wishes, as well, closing out the business of a great man: my father. Thank you very much.
Bernard Perez
Bernard P.
22:54 16 Jul 19
Bellah Perez took care of my personal injury matter with the same care and attention that you’d expect for family or friend. Cristina Perez settled my case quickly and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Thank you Cristina and BellahPerez family!
Apple Hurtares Nieto
Apple Hurtares N.
19:22 13 Jul 19
I recommend this firm highly. I had a great experience with them handling my papers. Cristina Perez is very courteous, kind and knowledgeable of the law. I will recommend them to my friends and relatives
Kristin Fast
Kristin F.
00:02 13 Jul 19
Mr. Bellah and Steve Jansen have been a life-saver many times. I am grateful for their service and for helping our family out of a few personal situations and for helping us get our foundation, ComplexTruths Inc - CRPS up and running so that we could help spread awareness around the world. Thank you team!
Matesi Neumiller
Matesi N.
03:08 11 Jul 19
The most amazing law firm I have ever worked with. I felt they genuinely cared about me and my family throughout the whole process. If you want someone who really cares and fights for you on your behalf these are the people to go to! I cannot say enough amazing things. Thank you Bellah Perez for everything you did for us!
pete taylor
pete T.
00:57 11 Jul 19
Initially I had some ups and downs as personnel changed, but Richard and Jennifer truly showed empathy and sympathy to ensure customer satisfaction was exceeded. The professionalism and technical knowledge superseded any law office that I have ever been to. Jennifer actually cares enough to work outside of business hours and even while dealing with personal emergencies just to ensure my worries were addressed. She truly went above and beyond for me. I will not use any other law office for any future legal needs. If you are considering Bellah Perez, please just visit and meet them before selecting any other more
Stuart Smith
Stuart S.
21:23 09 Jul 19
I have always found Bellah Perez PLLC to be both outstanding and professional. I went through a challenge and needed legal help. They were understanding, caring and more than willing to fight and win for me. I know that I can trust them to do exactly what they say and when they say it will be completed. They are reputable and highly regarded in the legal field. Bellah Perez PLLC will deliver for you.
Stuart Smith
Stuart S.
21:22 09 Jul 19
I have always found Bellah Perez PLLC to be both outstanding and professional. I went through a challenge and needed legal help. They were understanding, caring and more than willing to fight and win for me. I know that I can trust them to do exactly what they say and when they say it will be completed. They are reputable and highly regarded in the legal field. Bellah Perez PLLC will deliver for you.
Maile Aguirre
Maile A.
19:43 09 Jul 19
I have used this office for multiple legal matters and have had such a great experience each and every time! Cristina Perez is absolutely amazing! She is very responsive and takes the time to make sure that you understand what is going on. Her dedication to clients truly shines through! Sophia Gonzales has also been great to work with. Each and every time I have sent an email or left a voicemail, I know that I will get a response very quickly from each of them. Highly recommend!
Kurt Cotter
Kurt C.
03:54 09 Jul 19
I’m extremely satisfied with the service and professionalism Richard Bellah and his team showed as he helped my wife and I with our Estate Planning.
Carl Ulbrich
Carl U.
15:39 08 Jul 19
GREAT service, GREAT results, friendly staff that cares about you!!!
Robert Byrd
Robert B.
22:57 06 Jul 19
Richard Bellah has always been a professional in all our dealings with him and his law firm. I can always count on Richard telling me exactly what I need to know and how to proceed. I trust him for good honest advice! A rare staple in the attorney world! I highly recommend this law firm wholeheartedly!
Sean McConnell
Sean M.
04:40 04 Jul 19
Richard Bellah was so professional when handling our children's adoption. He made the process simple and easy to understand. A great memory for the rest of our lives.
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa J.
03:32 04 Jul 19
Richard Bellah represented me in two personal injury cases and did an amazing job. He made it a smooth process from start to finish so that I barely had anything to worry about and could focus on healing and recovery. I was informed every step of the way and he was able to settle both of my cases simultaneously and in my favor. I had full confidence and trust that he would get the job done to best of his ability and he went above and beyond. I highly recommend Richard Bellah if you are on the market for a more
Bill Klink
Bill K.
16:45 02 Jul 19
Ricahrd Bellah and his associates have been our personal and business attorney since 1975.Every time we asked for help his firm has been prompt and professional.Her's a few examples:Wills created in the 1980 and updated as needed..Trust created in 2018, quick and easy for a very fair fee..Richard and his staff member Steve Green were able to secure for us a very generous settlement following a severe dog bite I sustained in 2013. Settled in early 2014.June 2019--We had been billed incorrectly for Direct TV by AT&T for a dish service in a home we no longer owned. Richard helped point us where to go and what to do in a short phone call. Lingering problem solved last week. Plus numerous seemingly complex legal questions Richard solved, often with only a 30 minute phone consult.Clearl, our family's law firm for life.Marianne and Bill K.Sun City, AZread more
Bruna Gibson
Bruna G.
23:38 01 Jul 19
We had a wonderful time working with Bella Perez. They resolved our issues. Quickly, efficiently. I would recommend them all day. Amazing lawyers and the staff is friendly and quick to respond. Thank you guys so much.
17:59 01 Jul 19
Everyone there is so helpful through out the whole process & even after. I will recommend them to everyone.
Vanessa Adams
Vanessa A.
22:04 30 Jun 19
Jeff and Cindy are very knowledgeable and made the bankruptcy process simple. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Tammy Vasquez Ruiz
Tammy Vasquez R.
13:14 30 Jun 19
All information was explained so we knew every step of the process. Communication is excellent, staff very warm and friendly and generous. Office inviting and cozy. Mr. Bellah stellar integrity, extremely professional and he and staff are there to serve their clients. I highly recommend Bellah Perez, PLLC.We will be returning this fall to adopt our other two grandchildren.
Darek Millsaps
Darek M.
01:37 29 Jun 19
I was treated with much care and respect while my affairs were put in order by Mr. Bellah and his staff. Every member of his team were considerate, professional and helpful, and I so appreciate friendly atmosphere at their office. Many thanks!
Mike Jacobs
Mike J.
00:58 29 Jun 19
I’m not one who usually leaves reviews whether on service sites or with online retailers like Amazon. Yet in this case I’ll make an exception because of the peace of mind brought to me by Jeffery Wolfe and staff at Bellah Perez, PLLC. As I mentioned prior I normally don’t take the time to sit down and write out my opinion but I do, like many, read the reviews of other’s experiences with services offered and this is what drew me to this office. In my particular case I was served in a civil matter unexpectedly and the uneasy feeling that comes with that sat in the pit of my stomach. This was something new for me but instead of letting matters play out without action I took to the internet and sought legal counsel.I called to setup a consultation and find out if their office would be able to assist me and after providing them with some basic details I was told to sit tight for a callback. It wasn’t very long before I received the call back to schedule the consultation on a day which would work with my work and home schedule. My case was assigned to Jeffery Wolfe who specializes in matters such as mine.On the day of the meeting I would be lying to say my nerves weren’t amped up but everything from the moment I walked in was calming. The office is a rather small space but it has a relaxing ambiance. The receptionist greeted me and took my name and had me take a seat. The furnishings to the music put me at ease before I met the staff. It was less than 10 minutes before I was greeted by Cristina Perez who went over some preliminary details and then with Jeffery.They listened to me attentively and asked questions specific to my case to further clarify my unique situation and to address my concerns and questions. Jeffery let me know that this litigation case was something he felt he could assist me with and by the time I left their office I felt we had a solid game plan in place and the burden I was carrying within was beginning to lift.Over the course of the following weeks if I had questions I would email Jeffery and in a reasonable time, within 24 hours for me, he would respond to each question by quoting them out and answering so nothing was left unanswered. He would call and check in with me everyone 1-2 weeks depending on where we were in the matter and give me an update on what was happening and what to expect next. His communication is superb.At its conclusion, my goal being to settle with the other party without burdening my family, Jeffery was able to accomplish this well beyond what I went into his office hoping for . Currently I am in a process of repairing mistakes I made as a young careless college kid but I can do so with a smile. Jeffery Wolfe and all the staff at Bellah Perez, PLLC. gave me hope and peace that I didn’t know I was in need of. They’re not magicians who can dry erase a person’s missteps and bad markings in life but if you’re in need of some help I would highly recommend reaching out and talking with them. And just maybe they can give you the hope and peace I received and allow you to make the necessary steps to get back on track and move forward in life. I would recommend without hesitation Jeffery and company at Bellah Perez to my loved ones and friends for any service their office provides and will continue to use them in the future with my estate planning more
Robin Snyder
Robin S.
00:07 29 Jun 19
I came to meet Mr. Bellah while executor of an estate on which he did all the legal work. I was so impressed, I referred my father for trust work. I later referred him to a brother to assist his wife's parents with their trust. He has more recently prepared the trust for my wife and I. He routinely keeps us up to date with significant items which may need attention. His response time to calls could not be better and if he does not have an answer for us he attempts to obtain one.
Mandy Dudley
Mandy D.
22:35 28 Jun 19
Extremely easy to work with, everything was handled efficiently and with a flat rate with no hidden costs or surprises. I highly recommend them!
Purple Gurl's LLC
Purple Gurl's L.
21:42 28 Jun 19
Mr. Richard Bellah & staff have been our lawyers not only for business, but for personal as well. Mr. Bellah has helped us from the creation of our business in 2011, to lease negotiations, and wills and everything in between. We appreciate everything they do for us and the community!
Lori Barrett
Lori B.
21:03 28 Jun 19
Richard is very thorough and good at what he does. We've known him a long time and would highly recommend his firm.
Jill Norton
Jill N.
21:02 28 Jun 19
I required the services of the law office of Bellah Perez when my husband died. It was a very difficult and emotional time for me. They handled everything that needed to be done with a tremendous amount of sensitivity and professionalism. The attorney that assisted me even sent me a personal letter after he completed the work needed to encourage me in my time of grief. I would refer this law office to anyone looking for attorneys that not only know the law, but care about their clients in a personal way.Jill Nortonread more
Auguste Goldman
Auguste G.
19:30 28 Jun 19
This law firm is outstanding. They are wonderful folks, extremely knowledgeable, care so much about their clients and the kind of folks that you trust like a friend. I can't say enough goodness on this firm. I highly recommend them!
Bruce Matich
Bruce M.
16:51 28 Jun 19
Christina and Sophia are the most understanding and compassionate people to work with...They made my experience so pleasant and I felt so secure being in their hands. Whenever I had questions or insecurities, they always got answers to me quickly and put my mind at ease..They are the most caring,understanding,knowledgeable,professional law team I ever met. They made my experience comforting and gave me results that were excellent.Im proud they are my attorney. I have recommended them to everyone and they are my attorneys for life. Simply, They are the more
Elane Silver
Elane S.
01:11 28 Jun 19
Great Great customer service. Christina and Sofia put my stress at ease with my needs. Also making the payment to the office on my budget. The ladies at the front desk help with anything you need as well as coffee or water. The whole staff is amazing I highly recommend Bellah and Staff in Glendale Az!! Thanks Christina, Sofia, Jeffrey. and the cool ladies at the front desk!! You all rock!!
Jose Gutierrez
Jose G.
00:44 28 Jun 19
When he needs the services for my bankruptcy, they recommended to me this place and the truth they were not wrong, there I was attended by Christina who I treat me not like one more client but how a friend, I was guided during the whole process by which was finished as her and its assistant Sophia they assured me, in this place they are very professional and they take very seriously the situations of its clients, I really recommend to the services of Bellah Perez with the certainty that you will be in good more
JD Ferguson
00:35 28 Jun 19
Great people
Iris Anaya
Iris A.
21:36 27 Jun 19
Jeff was great! Made the process as easy as possible, thank you.
Rhonda Morey
Rhonda M.
18:41 27 Jun 19
Mirna Nava
Mirna N.
15:58 27 Jun 19
Amazing stuff really professional I bring my legal problems to this firm because they always help me on everything Thank you so much for always be there for me
Mike Craig
Mike C.
12:32 27 Jun 19
I heard from others that Cristina was the best in resolving personal financial issues. I called and GLAD I did.My wife and I found ourselves in trouble financially due to a failed business, bad business partners, creditors coming after us, everything negative hitting us all at once (overwhelming to say the least). Cristina and her team (Sophia, Josey and others) are amazing, highly organized, on target with time lines and genuinely care about achieving your goals. They start and finish the same way with your goals in mind.I’m free and clear, not worrying about the past, starting a new chapter in life.If you find yourself in a similar situation, you MUST go to Cristina and her team of professionals to overcome the past and achieve your goals!Mikeread more
Barb Caviness
Barb C.
03:10 27 Jun 19
Dawna Underwood
Dawna U.
01:17 27 Jun 19
Each time I work with Mr. Bellah I am impressed with his professionalism, his dedication to the clients her serves and his knowledge to answer our questions and meet our needs. We are thankful for the partnership we have established with Bellah Perez PLLC.
Brenda Salazar
Brenda S.
00:21 27 Jun 19
I couldn’t asked for a better attorney. Cristina and Sophia are the best legal team. They were always willing to answer any question and provided us with guidance during our legal process. Even after 2 years of our case closing we were able to receive help from them. Their fast and prompt response is what makes them the best legal team.
Robert Swier
Robert S.
23:27 26 Jun 19
Richard has been our Chapter S statutory agent for a number of years. He is also our family attorney advising and overseeing a living trust. He is a very trustworthy confidant and passionate about helping people.
Marcia Newman
Marcia N.
22:33 26 Jun 19
Very pleased with Bellah Perez and how they represented me in my medical case!!!
Michelle Petersen
Michelle P.
21:45 26 Jun 19
Richard and his staff are awesome, experienced and follow through on what they say they will do.
Mark Serna
Mark S.
21:33 26 Jun 19
Mr. Bellah and staff have always been extremely helpful in assisting us in various legal matters. I will always return to their firm whenever possible. I also highly recommend their services to anyone seeking attorneys.
Brittney Carrillo
Brittney C.
19:11 26 Jun 19
Sophia and Christina are highly knowledgeable. These women made it easy resolving our legal issues. My husband and I were always treated with respect. Very nice organized law firm. Would highly recommend!
Brittney Huston
Brittney H.
19:00 26 Jun 19
These women are amazing. Specifically Sophia and Christina. My husband and I started and completed our bankruptcy cases through this law firm. Very professional and highly knowledgeable. It was a smooth process without any hidden costs. Very reasonable pricing. Whenever i would go in, the women at the front desk were welcoming and attentive. Highly recommend for legal matters!!!
18:24 26 Jun 19
Lilly Hernandez
Lilly H.
01:12 26 Jun 19
Richard Bellah is an excellent attorney! He handled my personal injury case and resolved it without having to go to trial. He explained everything from start to finish which kept me from worrying so that I could focus on healing. Mr. Bellah also got me a settlement that changed my life completely. I am forever grateful that he represented me and would highly recommend Richard Bellah to anyone who needs quality legal representation.L. Hernandez
Les Milligan
Les M.
03:38 25 Jun 19
I retained Shasta Nolte as my attorney. She was fantastic! Not only was she able to defend me but, her calm and empathetic demeanor offered extra support to myself and my family and I am grateful to her for her service. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
andrea estes
andrea E.
18:28 21 Jun 19
My husband had to go through a year long custody battle with his ex-wife. Shasta Nolte and her team, Jennifer and Gina were extremely helpful in guiding us every step of the way. Shasta and her team were always on top of making sure we knew what was going, what was needed, and always answered our million questions we had along the way. We at this point, would consider Shasta family. With all the hard work they did, my husband won the custody battle! We are so thankful for her and everyone at Bellah Perez!read more
Bridgette McCoy
Bridgette M.
16:17 21 Jun 19
I learned about Bellah Perez PLLC through my employer and I must say Cristina Perez put my mind at complete ease by assisting me with legal matters, I've never had to see a lawyer before and had serious matters to discuss, Cristina advised me on what steps to take and took care of every single detail and thoroughly explained to me the process I needed to take, she assured me that establishing a Trust was the best option to take and that's what i did. You never know when you're going to pass away but in the event I do I know my affairs is exactly how I want them to be and my children will not have to stress about it. thank you so much Cristina as you just made this lady very happy...I've never wrote a review before but I just had to share with everyone how great this Law Firm is; if you need any help please call this firm first you will not regret more
Mia Nolcox
Mia N.
16:06 20 Jun 19
The Law Office of Bellah Perez saved my life. When I needed a legal team they were there. They gave me legal advice and counsel but more so, I received kindness, understanding, patience and support. I could not have chosen a better team.
Sandra Victoria
Sandra V.
05:48 11 Jun 19
How do you know you chose, render full trust and give extreme personal information to the right attorney to take your case? When they work night and day from October through Thanksgiving, settle a couple days before Christmas, and the judge tells you it rarely happens this way, but when you have an attorney who literally puts that much effort, he’s not surprised. Words can’t express the gratitude, professionalism, dedication, compassion, expertise Richard Bellah and his team did on my case. I know this for a fact because they took on my case and succeeded beyond measure. I will always consider them with such high regards, and recommend them to anyone I know because they truly live up to the code of professional responsibilities and it’s highest more
David G
David G
02:20 02 Dec 18
I had them work on a case that has never been done before in the United States. It took them about 4-5 years and about $10k. They figured it out and got the case completed. They helped restore part of my life back. Thank you and will always recommend them to friends and family.
Caryn Ohlson
Caryn O.
22:59 30 Oct 18
Da Freak
Da F.
15:11 30 Jul 18
Julie Carr
Julie C.
06:10 16 Jun 18
Isabel Cerros
Isabel C.
22:01 11 Jun 18
Brenda W
Brenda W
03:46 11 Jun 18
THANK YOU Shasta Nolte and Jennifer Brea!! These two ladies and this Firm were very helpful with my divorce process. The initial consultation alone was very helpful and was very informative. Their fees are affordable and they offer a payment plan, which is ! I cvery helpful! I cannot express the immense gratitude I have with them in helping me with my divorce. I recommend them to anyone going through a simple or complicated divorce, these two ladies are GREAT!Thank you Shasta and Jennifer!#FREETOBEHAPPYread more
David Martin
David M.
18:06 01 Jun 18
Reliable, experienced
Robbie Roberts
Robbie R.
16:31 05 May 18
Attorney Stephen Green, thank you so much for your kind advise on signing a lease in Arizona.
Janice Stevenson
Janice S.
22:19 16 Feb 18
James Gaston
James G.
15:45 10 Feb 18
Very professional practice
Stolen Identity
Stolen I.
20:37 26 Jan 18
Went for consultation recently with Steven Jenssen. Due to the nature of my business I have to hire an attorney once in a while. It saddens me to say this, but talking based on my past experiences with various lawyers, Steven is actually the first one who is an HONEST attorney and not a salesman. Have not hired him - yet
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo M.
08:49 26 Jan 18
Very good at what they do. Just being in the office is relaxing because of the overall Christian feel. They get the job done and take care of the individual who Hired them. Thank you Bellah Perez law firm.
John R. Tellez
John R. T.
01:13 23 Oct 17
Richard helped my wife set-up a Living Trust. Super helpful and very affordable. If needed, we would use this law firm again and highly recommend them. Very good people!
Elliot Gonzalez
Elliot G.
02:22 21 Sep 17
I good counsel
15:23 31 Aug 17
Great place to have on your side!!!
Meredith Chernov
Meredith C.
17:16 17 Aug 17
My experience with Steven Green and everyone here has been awesome! Very helpful, very insightful. I feel listened too and taken seriously.
Gloria Pliler
Gloria P.
01:44 17 Aug 17
Good advice, saved my bacon, all for a fair price!
Celina Lozano
Celina L.
23:20 16 Aug 17
Sergio Andrade
Sergio A.
18:14 25 May 17
Wife and I had to file for bankruptcy and Bellah Perez took over our file. She was very helpful and was always confident on providing us with a resolution on a stressful situation. Every time we called her her friendly assistants would answer the phone and would try and assist as much as they could. She resolved our bankruptcy case quick and was always on point. Thanks so much! although we used her services a while back ago, the experience was one of a kind.
Ernesto Atellano
Ernesto A.
18:02 06 Feb 17
Por onestos
08:09 16 Dec 16
Fast, efficient.
Jeff Byram
Jeff B.
19:47 17 Oct 16
The Bearsons
The B.
02:27 24 Aug 16
I cannot PRAISE THIS FIRM Enough. ALL of the staff are simply Brilliant. They are caring, Understanding and professional. Jeff Wolfe IS brilliant and SO nice and helpful. I have FOUND MY ATTORNEY(s).Look NO FURTHER, THESE People ARE THE BEST, Bar None!.Thank you ALL SO VERY MUCH. Sincerely
priscilla n
priscilla n
17:53 03 Jun 16
Would recommend to anyone, very professional and straight forward. All of my concerns were put at ease.
Art Sio
Art S.
02:14 03 Jun 16
Son muy Buena Gente, Me Ayudaron Mucho En Mi Caso , Cuando me Chocaron. Me Ayudaron en todo. Muy Buena experiencia
Ricky Jay
Ricky J.
18:46 15 Jan 16
Extremely professional and always caring. God bless this firm.
Priscilla Peña-Lerma
Priscilla P.
12:31 08 Dec 15
Michael H
Michael H
16:40 04 Aug 15
Outstanding group of solicitors! From: entering, waiting, and meeting, to seeing a solicitor, your treated like a guest and never like a client.It's rare to find a company these days that stick to the Christian values of love and respect. While you wait enjoy some coffee and listen to K-Love radio.PS...the candy bowl, it's addicting
Nick Marsh
Nick M.
06:07 22 Jul 15
David Martin
David M.
04:50 20 Jun 15
We have entrusted our familial legal needs to your firm on several occasions over the years. On our most recent visit, after a few years, Mr. Bellah immediately remembered certain past details as we discussed our latest needs. Thank you for all the attention and the protection you've provided our family. David and Marilyn Martin
Edith Espinoza
Edith E.
05:25 11 Jun 15
Luis Nieto Andrade
Luis Nieto A.
03:20 11 Jun 15
Tricia Laches
Tricia L.
17:13 10 Jun 15
Teddy Hurtares
Teddy H.
17:04 10 Jun 15
FANTASTIC!!!!!! Best Service Very ProfessionalWould recommend them to all my family friends.
Robert Vega
Robert V.
16:57 10 Jun 15
Cristina Perez Hesano
Cristina Perez H.
04:23 07 Jul 14
Tom N Georgie
Tom N G.
18:45 02 Jan 14
Kristin Berg
Kristin B.
19:25 10 Nov 12
Christina Perez was the most helpful attorney that I've ever dealt with. She's very personable, knowledgeable and helpful! She guided me through all the steps in my bankruptcy case and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. I can't say enough good things about my experience and I HIGHLY recommend her services to ANYONE looking for an attorney!
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