Serving Arizona Victims of Truck Accidents – There’s a reason we often describe a bad day as “like being hit by a truck”— it’s a worst-case scenario, a vivid metaphor we hope stays imaginary. Unfortunately, such accidents do happen, and when they happen to you, you’ll need a strong advocate on your side to keep your bad day from getting any worse. In the event you are hit by a semi in Arizona due to the driver’s negligence, the passionate truck accident lawyers at Bellah Perez will investigate your case and obtain a fair settlement for your losses and suffering.

Automobile accidents are already stressful on their own, but when a large truck is involved, the situation can be even more complicated and the consequences more dangerous. The damage sustained in such a scenario is often more serious than a typical auto accident, both physically and financially. The expenses for medical treatment as well as the loss in income due to injuries can add up fast, not to mention the damage to vehicles and property that contribute further costs. The injustice of all of this being caused by someone else’s recklessness can further erode your emotional and psychological well-being.

But filing a personal injury suit for such an accident requires dealing not only with the driver of the truck, but also the trucking company that employed him or her. Because truck drivers report to a larger company, any accident case will automatically be met a strong showing from the trucking company’s insurance, whose investigators will be eager to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. There might even been aggressive attempts to settle the case with compensation far below what you need to cover your expenses and satisfy justice. A truck accident lawyer who is well versed in personal injury cases involving big rigs can negotiate proper compensation for your burdens. Bellah Perez’s personal injury lawyers are committed to protecting you from being taken advantage of by those responsible, and are willing to litigate to make sure you get what you deserve and so do they.

Protecting Your Rights After A Truck Accident

If you’re an Arizona resident who has been in an accident involving a big rig, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries, damages, and suffering. Don’t let the trucking company bully you into dropping the case or settling for insufficient funds. The committed and compassionate truck accident attorneys at Bellah Perez will see your case through to the end, and won’t let you get lost in the shuffle. You already had one bad day— we’ll make sure you don’t go through any more.

Representation in a Variety of Personal Injury Cases

In addition to automobile accident cases, Bellah Perez represents a variety of personal injury matters. Some of these situations can even overlap, such as a wrongful death due to a truck accident. Whatever injury you have experienced, our attorneys are here to help. Our other areas of practice include:

If you or a loved one has been injured in any of these situations, contact one of our personal injury lawyers today to right the wrong you’ve suffered.

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